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Spin-Down Filters

LS-747 - Spanish:SLS-747

Installation Instructions

LS-866 - Spanish:SLS-866

Product Sheet

LS-870 - Spanish:SLS-870

TwistIIClean 2"
High Flow (HF) Option

TwistIIClean 2"
High Flow (HF) I&O Manual

TwistIIClean Videos
Video Comparison
vs Spin-Down Filters

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TwistIIClean is an easy to use sediment filter for home use. It can remove sand, and sediment from the incoming water supply.


Flow Range: 1-78 US gpm

Max Pressure: 100 psi (6.9 bar)


- Easy to Install. See videos!

- Easy to Use.

- Just TWIST to CLEAN!

- Find your nearest Distributor

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New TwistIIClean 2-inch High Flow New Installation Videos !
Now on YouTube, Pre-Installation Tips and Basic Installation videos

The following models of LAKOS / Claude Laval Corporation products are NSF certified. Models: T2C-075-030, T2C-075-060, T2C-075-100, T2C-075-140, T2C-100-030,
T2C-100-060, T2C-100-100, T2C-100-140, T2C-100-160, T2C-150-30, T2C-150-60, T2C-150-100, T2C-150-140